Five Trending Wedding Colors


Discovering colors for your wedding is important. If you’re getting married in 2017, you probably need to look through these trending wedding color palettes and find the combinations that reflect your style and personality best.


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Woodland Hues

Greeneries are one of the hottest wedding elements in 2017. Use leafy green, ivory white and woodsy brown to perfectly echo with your nature-inspired wedding.


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City Vibes

As forecasted by David Tutera, soft and brushed (not shiny) metallic is going to be a trendy hue next year. Pair it with white and you will get that contemporary vibes perfect for city-inspired wedding, which is also going to be a big wedding theme in 2017.


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Bohemian Blues

Bohemian theme is also going to be hot this year. Deep blue hues paired with neutral colors like woodsy brown and sunflower yellow would create an intimate color palette fit for Bohemian-inspired wedding.


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Coral Crush

Whether you’re having a beach party or garden party in hot summer day, coral tone will brighten up your wedding. Combine with a light blue hue to keep the vibes fresh and chic.


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Geodes Glow

These precious stones are no longer just incorporated as centerpieces. More than that, the earthy tones inspired many brides-to-be and becoming a trendy hue.

Besides those top five color palettes, there are so many options for you to choose. Get all the inspiration you need for your stylish and trendy 2017 wedding and find the right way to perfectly coordinated with the color scheme, so you can perfectly pulling it off.