Partner up!


New Year is a time to reflect on ourselves: what we have achieved, what we haven’t, what we need to do in the future. This year, why don’t you create a new year’s resolution with your partner?

The New Year’s resolution is something we do as a promise to do an act of self-improvement. If you’re already left this tradition for years, try doing it again this year with your partner. Since it’s a thing between you and your partner, you both need to write down the things you both need to do together. Here’s what we thought on resolutions that every couple should make together.

Adopt healthier lifestyle

It’s not an easy thing to do alone, so when you partner up with someone you love, things would be fun and easier. From picking up healthier meal to exercise together. Forget about pizza night, instead choose those healthy recipe and cook them up together and eat together. When this becomes your habit, healthy food and exercise become your lifestyle.

Make time for each other

Daily activities filled you with deadlines, tasks, and schedules, and then you realize that it’s been ages since you and your partner spent some quality time together. This year, promise to make time for each other. It doesn’t have to incorporate sex even though sometimes it would be a necessary. This quality time is the time you spend alone with your partner, without interruption, talking about feelings, future, and even the silly stuff.


Plan exciting activities

Plan to travel to places, go to a road trip together, try new hobbies, find and register for recreation programs, classes, and lessons. When you plan something fun and exciting with your partner, you’ll look forward to it, and the adrenaline rush that shared between the two of you will rekindle the companionship in your relationship.

Do good deeds together

Doing good things for others with your partner will enrich your relationship and bring you both closer in terms of spiritually and emotionally. So many noble activities that you can do together like visiting orphanage, volunteering in your neighborhood, or simply make a donation to any non-profit organization.

Those New Year’s resolutions are totally worth trying. You may want to add other things that fit you best. Just focus on it because not only that making resolutions with your partner can help you keep your promises, it can also strengthen the bond between the two of you as a couple.


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