Table Talks!


A standing party isn’t something you fancy having on your wedding day? Then you must give yourself some time to focus on setting the tables and styling them pretty!

Tables are important, not only to facilitate communication among guests, but also define your whole venue too. The way you decorate your tables create a statement of your style, so you will want to do it carefully and beautifully.

First thing’s first, you need to find the best linens to cover up the table. You don’t want to overexpose your tables since it will set the casual tone. It’s best to conceal the table with floor-length linens. You can add texture through patterns like damask, floral or stripes by layering a graphic runner over a solid tablecloth.


Setting the table means having fun with shapes. Don’t settle on round, standard plates. You can keep your tables from being too dull with square plates. Be sure to place things in symmetry or guests will pay attention on how much you lack on geometry.


Floral centerpieces are always a great idea, but try juxtaposing them with candles or colored water vases to add a more dramatic setting. Try not to block your guests from socializing across the table by avoiding big, tall overwhelming centerpieces.

Stay away from white boring tables. Take cues from your color palette, and try adding one small item on the table that wows with popping colors. It can be anything, from the simple stuff like napkin ring, or even the place mat.


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When it comes to styling your wedding reception tables, just remember to choose decorations carefully because they should be the main focal point of your reception. It is so much fun aiming for a beautiful and sophisticated total look by styling the wedding reception tables.

Good luck to you!



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