Sweets for your Sweet Moment

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You can never have too many sweets, especially on a special occasion like your wedding day. Sharing your happiness through a selection of desserts and display them beautifully in a dedicated table, which nowadays called as a dessert table, is such a sweet gesture to show how much you appreciate your guests. So, where to start?

First and foremost, always put the theme of your wedding in your mind. If you decided to throw a romantic wedding with pastel color palette, ask your caterer to provide moist vanilla cupcakes topped with sweet pastel pink roses of strawberry cream cheese frosting and a pile of macaroons also in pastel colors.

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Serve some apple pies and peach cobbler when rustic is the theme you choose. Fruits are also a desert-table material, especially in a summer-themed wedding. Caramelized pineapple skewers with dark chocolate dipping sauce or simple yet colorful fruit kebabs are fun under the sun. It seems overwhelming to pick the right dessert for the right theme, but you can always ask your caterer for guidance. Make sure your desserts are easy to grab and munch, make it bite size and fuss free.

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When it comes to decorate the dessert table, get creative! Don’t turn your head from your wedding theme, but you can always have fun decorating the table. Use the right cake stand to display, the one that designed to elevate food and make it more noticeable and more appealing to guests. You also need to pick colors to compliment the baked goods to stimulate the appetite. Try it with colored cloth, flowers, hanging garlands, and even candies inside transparent jars.

Now, whatever desserts or décor you’ll choose, rest assured your sweet tooth will be satisfied.




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