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When it comes to your special day, celebrating it with special people could be on top of your wish list. By having those people around, your day will be more special than ever. Thus, capturing the moments into something you can keep forever is so important. Photos and tapes are one way to let you keep those memories, but there is also another way to let you share your happiness with your guest: a guestbook! And apparently, guestbook doesn’t have to be a “book”. Here some unique ideas for you. Let them sign in and leave their wishes for you!

A polaroid guestbook is one cute option. You surely want to remember how they look on your day, do you?

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Or you can just collect their photos first, and let them be surprised and wonder how you collect them while they sign in to your celebration.

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Make it even more fun with a

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game! Simple crosswords will do. May take more time, but hey that’s the fun.

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Let them be creative. A guestbook is something worth keeping, and an artsy-guestbook is much much more worth it.

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Template it! Give them ideas what to write with some little clues.

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Let them write their names and wishes on a piece of puzzle and put them together later on. You can frame it and hang them on your wall later. Beautiful and unique.

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