Moulin Rouge

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and to be loved in return”. There is so much truth in that little quote from Moulin Rouge. A life lesson, simplified to a single sentence. We pray that we’ll never have to go through life without having learnt that lesson at least once. 


Aw, let’s not get so mellow. We’re about to be talking happy here! So sorry, it’s just every time we think of Moulin Rouge, that quote comes to mind, which makes us slightly mellow. But, every time we think of Moulin Rouge, we also think of Ferdy and Adela’s wedding at Dua Mutiara Ballroom, JW Marriott , which makes us happy again.


We really liked this wedding. It was different. A good different. We chose a dominantly red mood board, combined with chandeliers, white chaises, and big bold lettering in light bulb neon signage. It felt like a very Moulin Rouge-inspired decor.


This was the first ever time we strayed away from our usually sweet style and we kinda fell in love with it. Actually, we love the couples who makes us be more creative. Like Ferdy and Adela. Thank you, lovebirds! 🙂


Much love,



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