A Kind of Glamorous

What happens when we met a girl who loves gothic elements, who was about to marry a guy from a conventional Chinese family? We get creative!
Debbie is not your average girl next door who love pretty pastels like corals and blush pink. She is skewed more towards the dark and gothic-inspired. She met Irfan in college, where they were both studying to be a doctor, and then again, during their residency in a hospital. Sparks flew and by the end of their residency (that felt like forever!) they were ready to tie the knot.


So, how did we make them both happy? It was, after all, THEIR big event. We put together both their wishes, and voila! A moulin-rouge inspired color palette for their wedding. We love how the gradient colors fit in so glamorously into the unlikely mix of red, black and white.


Doing this wedding made us think – if two unlikely colors can create such a glamorous mix, two unlikely people can also get together and make something beautiful. It all goes to how far you’re willing to make it work.


Congratulations, Irfan and Debbie. May your marriage be everlasting and ever-glamorous!



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