Majestic French Wedding


With the appeal of beauty and simplicity offered by the beachfront weddings, many more couples have opted for destination weddings, with Bali being a popular destination. We have lost count how many times our team has gone back and forth to do weddings in the Island of The Gods. But the funny thing is, though, that we never get tired of it (because, really, who can ever get tired of paradise?) Every wedding in Bali is a new experience and we’re always so expectant of what the event will bring.



However, along with the rise of popularity for a Bali wedding, we have been missing ballroom weddings a lot. It seems as if the appeal of ballroom weddings have been lost in the light of speaking life long vows overlooking the sunset. People forget just how great ballroom weddings can be. Obviously a memorable atmosphere in which to get married is the main reason people think about when choosing a wedding venue, and that is why ballroom weddings can be so fun because we can transform the ballroom almost into anything we like. That is just one of the many reasons why a ballroom wedding can be appealing too.


After the many beachfront weddings that we have done in the past month, we’re delighted to have the chance to decorate for the wedding reception of Dheeraj and Chandi which took place at the ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. We felt excited to take on this project, especially when we learned of the theme that Dheeraj and Chadni had in mind. A night in Europe in an atmosphere inspired by the majestic Marie Antoinette of France. The centerstage was a replica of the French castle, the foyer, the corridors of the castle and the rest of the venue, the castle’s courtyard. We wanted to make the guests feel like courtesans in a ball hosted by the French court themselves. In a venue filled with laduree pastels and french inspired elements, we created a look that is both elegant and sophisticated.


This kind of style is one of the reasons why we adore ballroom weddings because the possibilities of what you can do are virtually limitless. Thank you, Dheeraj and Chadni, for giving us the opportunity to create this look especially for you. We are honored.




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