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If anyone knows how to throw a party, it’s the Indians. The Indian culture is very colorful and festive; there are lots of dancing, laughter, and celebration. If you don’t believe us, check out Bollywood movies. So of course when it comes to weddings, which is one of the most important events in life, they will not hesitate to have it big.

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Day one of an Indian wedding starts with a welcome dinner. Deepak and Sharmeen’s sitting dinner was in Chandra Surya, in Ayana Hotel in Bali. It was outdoors with hanging lights. The requested color scheme was white and green, which was spot on because the whole area was covered in luscious green grass. The green was also present in the form of green orchids in the centerpieces.

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Day two is the Parsi ceremony. Deepak married Sharmeen in the infinity chapel in Conrad, Bali. We decorated the place with a flower arch. We used red and white roses. The beach side dinner was adorned in all white with baby’s breath, lanterns, white candles, and white rocks as centerpieces. Meanwhile we made a canopy with sheer white fabric.

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Day three was still in Conrad for the Mandap ceremony. For the Hindus, Ganesha is widely respected as the god of beginnings; he is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies.  Therefore, it seems only fitting to use Ganesha as the overall theme. We used sheer curtains and Ganesha in flowers as the backdrop of the Mandap. We also placed the elephant god’s statues at the walkway, which Deepak really liked.

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Since Ganesha is often associated with red, pink, orange, and gold, we used those colors for the cocktail party, which was outdoors with fairy lights. Deepak and Sharmeen wanted a classy ballroom for the reception, with burgundy and gold hues. Instead of flowers, there were twig arches as the entrance. And let’s not forget a big dance floor, shall we? Because we all know the Indians love to dance!

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Indian weddings… fun, festive, fantastic!


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