French Castles & Indian Garlands


Oops! We did it again! Another Indian wedding, another fun. Grishma and Anil tied the knot in Ayana, Bali. The theme for this wedding is a mixture of French and Indian. We had to make sure that the two could be used together nicely. We did so by adding some Indian elements in the décor, such as garlands, bold colours, and elephants (not the real thing, of course, but we could make it happen if asked) among others.

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Grishma and Anil had their sangeet in Champa garden in the hotel. This is another one of those occasions where Butterfly can show off our skills because we made a replica of the outside of a French chateau. What?! Yes, once again, we created a French castle at the center stage, complete with a gate, balcony, pillars, well… the whole nine yards basically. The Indian influence is at the photo booth we made with a colourful backdrop and Indian garlands; we also put a scooter which the guests can take photos with. There are candles everywhere to light up the area at night.

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Their wedding ceremony took place in Sky Garden, also in Ayana. It is still very much French influenced with pastel and champagne colours, chandeliers, crystals, and tiffany chairs. However, the bridal stage is themed miniature Indian temple with garlands and a statue of Ganesha; homage to one of their gods. We made three flower pieces which are the masterpieces of the day: two are in the form of a white elephant and a pink one, and another one is a blue and white peacock. Pretty stunning, don’t you think?

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Hopefully we were able to “transport” the newly-weds, their family and friends, and guests to France for this beautiful wedding, but at the same time still feel very much at home because of the Indian elements.


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