Lights, camera, action!


Movies can inspire a plethora of ideas, including in weddings. Having a movie-inspired wedding is such a unique and fun thing to do.

For a movie-obsessed couple like Mohit and Shirin, to have just one movie-inspired wedding is not enough. Instead, they held not two, not three, but five movie-inspired series of celebration! Let’s see how cool they were!


“Spanish Affair” Welcome Dinner

Welcome Dinner was the first event of the series of celebration and Spanish Affair movie was the inspiration for this. We used red lace tablecloth over black tablecloth, placed some red roses centerpieces, pearl necklaces and hung some Spanish style fans also in black and red. When the sun was finally set, candles and golden fairy lights were lit, the venue instantly transformed into a vibrant and passionate setting.


“Sleepless in Seattle” After Party

After the welcome dinner, the couple threw an after party inspired by “Sleepless in Seattle” movie. We created a lounge where guests can socialize and chill out comfortably with chic and simple white sofas, blended with a splash color of soft pink. To keep everything in line with the theme, we threw some cushions, hung some feathers as garlands, and placed teddy bears. With a good set of lighting to enhance the intimate ambiance, the venue was very dreamy.



“Baywatch” Mehndi Pool Party

Decoration for Mehndi was our favorite because it had the elements of fun and excitement. Held in poolside facing the ocean, the “Baywatch” theme fit just right. For this one, we used the color of yellow and red and created a more relaxed and fun decorations.


“Sabyasachi (Taal)” Sangeet

Sangeet is the sign that party has begun, and is conducted to celebrate happiness and joy for the happy couple. We put together a color palette of red and gold which turned out to be sophisticated, elegant and all kinds of pretty.


“Eat. Pray. Love.” Wedding Ceremony

The movie was about the transformational journey, just like when someone enters the marriage life. So, for the big day, we adopt the movie’s inspirational elements. The altar was heavy on traditional Indian feels but with a modern twist and Bali beach vibe, all in colors of pink, white, and gold.


“Casablanca Movie” Wedding Reception

To end the series of celebration, we wanted to make it grand, and “Casablanca” was perfect for a grand wedding reception. Entering the venue, the guests were instantly get the feeling of a boardwalk empire atmosphere. The tables were in black and complete with tall floral centerpieces with crystals and candles.

We’ve had so much fun decorating these movie-themed parties with a lot of related props and important little details. We wish the happy couple a wonderful journey!




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