Cultural Elegance

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Incorporating cultural customs into your wedding decoration can lead to exotic and rich event. In the same time it’s a unique way to represent you and your couple, and your values.

The beauty of cultural wedding is the amount of colors that are incorporated into the big day. You can go with small details or even go bigger and create festivities.



Butterfly Event Styling has done several cultural weddings, and this Glamorous Traditions in Pink is one of our favorite. We showed off the traditional Padang elements, richly adorned with silver and gold, but still have the modern and elegant kind-of-feeling.


We also have done quite many Indian weddings enriched with traditional touches. Most of our couples are very passionate about their ancestry roots, and this traditional Hindi wedding is also in our favorite list. The décor was majestic, and we successfully pulled it off by creating the venue like the most sacred place.



When it comes to Chinese wedding, Tea Ceremony is essential. In this wedding, the big symbol of Double Happiness adorned with red and pink flowers, lanterns, and gold elements created romantic and elegant oriental look that brought the festive vibe.

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Traditional beauty could be a stunning display that packed full of unique detail. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate cultural touches to your big day.