How Wedding Planning Can Affect Your Relationship


Most girls grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding day. At least she has an idea or two about her dream wedding. But many of us couldn’t imagine the stress of planning a wedding from the very beginning until it reaches the point where much of the joy surrounding your big day disappears and becomes a burden on your relationship.

The most common problem is because we’re getting to caught up in trivial details. For example, you may like a certain gown design but he doesn’t. You’d like to spend more on the decoration, but he feels it’s more important to spend more on food. If you and your partner cannot agree on most of things, it creates frustration and unhappiness. Remember that the only key is to compromise. It’s just decisions for a wedding, they’re not going to affect your whole marriage life.

The second most common problem when planning a wedding is family intervention. Your mother might want something done this way, while his mother has another opinion of her own. You both caught in a situation where you both want to satisfy both parties. At times, such expectations only add stress to the couple and pull them apart. All you and your partner need to do is to get the concerned family members to understand that this is your wedding. Appreciate their opinions, but the final decisions are yours.

Usually both of you will be handling work and wedding preparations at the same time. It can tire you out physically and mentally. Both of you become more short-tempered and any little thing will easily sparks an argument. Do not allow this to happen too often though as it can really hurt a relationship. Try to take your mind off wedding preparations for a while and do something both of you enjoy.

It’s the marriage that’s important. When you’re planning a wedding, you’re learning some of the basic of a satisfying married life. Enjoy the magic that this stage of life brings to your relationship. Being engaged is wonderful, but it goes way too fast. Enjoy every second with your fiancé. Remind yourself every day what the ring on your finger means for your future.


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