How Do I Make My Relationship Great?

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When we talk about relationships, the truth is that everyone and anyone can be in one. It isn’t difficult to decide one day that you want to be with A or B. It doesn’t take much effort to settle down with whomever and whenever. Being in a relationship and being in a great relationship however are two very different things.

What all of us strive for is to a kind of relationship that is fulfilling, rewarding, romantic and long-lasting. That is what isn’t easy to have. So, how can we be in this great relationship? Being in a great relationship is like trying to bake. Anyone can bake, but it takes the right ingredients to make sure you bake not just any cake, but an awesome one. So, if you want to create an awesome relationship, here are the key ingredients to follow:

  1. Love yourself: If you don’t do right by you, no one else will. You are the only one that can give yourself the love you really deserve. Love yourself first – you will be a much happier partner because of it.

  1. Spend time on your own and let your partner do the same: It is important and healthy to discover your own interests and grow individually, without being too dependent on one another.

  1. Commit through the bad: When you both commit, no matter how difficult times may be you will both go through them together because you are already committed to one another, no questions about it.

  1. Don’t stop dating your partner: Keep the romance alive by doing anything to ignite that excitement you felt when you first started dating. Go on dates, do things you both used to do together, show affection on a daily basis or plan a romantic trip. Do whatever it takes.

  1. Share your feelings and listen to your partner’s: Let your partner know when you are feeling upset or you have a concern. Keep each other in the loop with how you both are feeling and thinking. Also, don’t forget to share when your partner does something that makes you happy.

  1. Be your partner’s number one fan (even when you don’t feel like it): You both must be each other’s biggest supporters – this is what will keep the relationship strong. Big each other up, encourage, and have faith in your partner. Make it your responsibility as a partner.

  1. Be good at forgiving: We all make mistakes, there is just no way of escaping it. Practice forgiveness on a regular basis and when you are good at it, it will be easier for the both of you to move forward.

  1. Keep your ego out the door: A great relationship has little to no room for ego to exist. Ego blocks a person to think about ‘us’ into only thinking about ‘me’, which will never work because there are two in the relationship. Kick your ego out the door and always be genuine.

Remember, that these are key ingredients to make your relationship great. You will need to practice all of them, because when one ingredient is missing, the end result will not be the same.


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