Embrace with Lace

Photo Source : pinterest.com

If you’re looking into styling your wedding this year, you might want to consider going with lace. Lace is very feminine, romantic, and easily fit to any color palette. Here are some ways to add lace to your wedding.

Lace on cake is an excellent application. You could ask your baker to create lace-like effect by using fondant cutouts or simply wrap the tiers with real lace. Who could fail to be entranced by the delicate yet so delicious and gorgeous cake?

Another great way of incorporating the lace into your wedding day is through stationery such as invitation, menu, tag, escort card, just to name a few. These are the perfect canvas for lace design. Accessorize your reception with lace table runner, lace tablecloth, lace napkins, or lace chair covers. You could also use lace-like dollies to give accent to your table setting.

Since the wedding dress is the real centerpiece of your wedding, complete the look with a romantic lace wedding dress to work with your theme. Not only pretty, lace is a traditional choice of embellishment for a wedding dress.

Lace is beautiful in its own and it’s very easy to combine with other elements to create certain vibe. Lace and pearls are perfect pair for elegant vintage, or lace and burlap to accentuate your rustic-themed wedding. There’s just so many beautiful ways you can incorporate this look into your wedding day. As long as you don’t go too much with lace, then everything will be oh so pretty.