Sangeet Decorations

Indian weddings are not complete without Sangeet ceremony. Unlike other ceremonies that are rely on religious practices, Sangeet is conducted only to celebrate happiness and joy for the happy couple. Here’s a portfolio of Sangeet decorations we have done so far.

As the sign that the party has begun, Sangeet is supposed to be festive and exciting. Any theme could make a Sangeet ceremony. We’ve done it with the colors of autumn that consists of deep red, burgundy, orange and dark brown which created a very royal and lux ambience. Hung some chandeliers to add that touch of extra elegance.

You can also create more fun in Sangeet ceremony, just like we did with an Indian pop art theme. The point of this décor was to highlight interesting and artsy stuff that still pay tribute to Indian heritage. So we used a lot of vibrant colors and created replica of Indian Tata buses and food cart to bring the atmosphere of their home.

You can choose the modern-style theme with favorite colors of yours, or you can stick to the theme that reflects the ethnicity of Indian culture with specific colors of yellow, orange, gold, and red. You can get really creative in visualizing your Sangeet party because the event itself is fun. If you can imagine you, your family, and your friends dancing, singing, and celebrating the start of your wedding festivities, you can imagine the final look of your Sangeet decoration.


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