From Enchanting Rituals to Fun Celebrations


Never a dull moment at any Indian wedding since they tend to have a series of celebration with different themes and cheerfulness. As well as with this couple, Shabad and Naeha. They had 6 different celebrations in a row and we just can’t wait to reveal every bit of it with you!


Welcome Dinner and Mehndi

To kick-start the party, they held a welcome dinner and Mehndi ceremony. The Mehndi event is colorful and fun celebration and we adopted “Traditional Indian Village” for the theme. The bride and other women in the bride’s side of the family got henna-tattooed on their hands and feet which symbolize joy, beauty, and spiritual awakening and offering. To accommodate this ritual, lounge seating with lots of plush pillows is perfect for this Mehndi party.


Ghari Boy and Girl

Ghari is another important religious ceremony so we wanted to make it pretty but still humble. We used string marigold as backdrop and throw some plush pillows in hot pink and green colors.


Pool Party

This one is our personal favorite decoration from the whole celebration simply because its simplicity and color tone. We used pastel color combination of light yellow, turquoise, and coral which went great in beach wedding. Another interesting thing in this pool party is the origami pieces that we placed as centerpieces like the cranes and fans.



Sangeet is the sign that the party has begun. Unlike other ceremonies that are rely on religious practices, Sangeet is conducted only to celebrate happiness and joy for the happy couple. To really embrace the happiness, we used “Colorful Tapori” for the theme, which reminded us of the colorful city of Mumbai. Thus we brought in some of city’s iconic objects such as street vendor carts, public transportation, and collage of Bollywood-movie posters.


Wedding Ceremony

Now for the main event, held in the stunningly beautiful Infinity Chapel and Lawn, the couple finally tied the knot in a gorgeous baby pink wedding ceremony. With only small touches of white and pink roses here and there, the venue itself spoke to our heart.


Wedding Reception

Finally a wedding reception to complete the whole marriage ceremony. The party took place in Ocean Garden under the theme of “White Rustic Nocturnal”. Obviously white is the main color, and we added wooden brown and green to the palette. Also we put rustic elements in natural colored wood panels, wooden logs, burlap table runner and candles as well.

It’s been such a wonderful experience for us and we wish the happy couple nothing but the best of luck and many more days that are as happy and grateful as your wedding day.




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