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The Nordic fascinating cities and most scenic areas are quirky and surrounded with raw wilderness and rustic charms. If you wish to create a wedding reception that has a stylish touch of Nordic, you can start with the essences of Nordic style which are clean, neutrals, simple, yet elegant.


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There are plenty of design elements to choose from that will leave you inspired. This theme is about incorporating soft and neutral hues with rustic elements in Nordic minimalism style. Let’s start with the colors.


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The Nordic style color palette should be cozy, warm and inviting. You can gather the colors of icy blue, pale pink, and bright white that reflects the beauty of an Arctic sunset. You can also do the Scandinavian woodlands color palette with the shades of taupe, grey and cream with natural green and soft blue.


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When it comes to flower arrangements and wedding bouquet, use natural, effortless beauty in mixed flowers as if they’re hand-picked straight from the garden. Add as much as non-blooms like leaves, twigs, or even acorn. For Nordic theme, you’re even encouraged to use earthy materials as part of your wedding bouquet and create something like a wool-wrapped bouquet.


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For stationaries, you can use a traditional Nordic floral motif to be printed on artisan paper. Add cotton twine and natural wood buttons embellishment to accentuate. If you’re not really into floral and natural motifs, try angular lines or shapes of mountain and ice crystals that are still very Nordic.


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Nordic-inspired wedding is filled with light-hearted affair, natural elements and of course, lots of love. Attention to details is a must, and you will have a magical décor to cherish forever. For those who are tying the knot soon, these are seriously steal-worthy inspirations.


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