Underwater Empire


When Andrew and Fransisca told us that they both are particularly fond of the underwater world, we knew we’d had a splash of fun creating their wedding decoration with under the sea theme. Besides, it’s better down there where it’s wetter, right?


There are many ways to execute the underwater theme, but this time we decided to go with the more elegant and theatrical feel by bringing the under the sea empire, highlighting the whimsical tone. We incorporated underwater colors of deep-sea blue, sandy white, green, and coral with some popping colors of red and yellow.


The empire look can easily be seen on the aisle where we decorated it by placing the replica of a white castle. With amazing lighting and gorgeous flower arrangements, the white castle succeeded in creating a focal point, which resembled a majestic atmosphere of underwater empire.





We used tall and complicated centerpieces emulating the underwater wild coral reefs. We placed in a few candlelight to create a soft glow to the serene atmosphere, and added pieces of starfish, sands, seashells, pearls, even fish nets to amplify the impact. There were also dangling crystal beads as if they’re ocean bubbles. Flowers are always a definitely must for weddings. In this case, we had the flowers displayed in copper vintage vases as centerpieces to the tables as well.


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