Simple and Classy

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People often say “less is more”. You know, for one, it’s the beauty in keeping things minimal. For two, being able to appreciate and understand that the simple things can be beautiful too.

Adam and Cameryn’s wedding was exactly that. They wanted to have their dream wedding that would entail many classic elements. Their wedding was hosted at the Semara Luxury Villa in Bali. You could tell what sort of couple they are; that they love keeping things classy, elegant and romantic. Often times when you’re in the journey of creating something classic and simple, you really have to pay attention to the details.

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As guests entered the reception, there were childhood photos of the couple displayed on the table. It added as a fun element for their guests to gush over. The colors palette they chose to go with for the reception were white, green cream and gold. They even decided to have a floral backdrop that was gorgeous. It was an ombre wall of roses that wedding guests could take photographs in front of.

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There were a lot of roses placed around the venue. First off, there was a beautiful arrangement of bright red roses that ran all the way along the bride and groom’s table. Also, there were pink and white roses used for the table centerpieces. Hanging lights could be seen that cascaded on top of the main reception area making it a breathtaking scene.


Adam and Cameryn were lucky to witness a beautiful evening for their wedding. It’s nice to have an outdoor wedding that was so private. Especially with a view that overlooked Bali’s scenic greeneries and taking that healthy dose of fresh air. The pool was made to good use as well. There were floating pieces with candles in the center that were lit up when the sun went down.

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It’s wonderful being able to witness a classic wedding and not have a sensory overload with the everyday over the top weddings. We’re glad that Adam and Cameryn stayed true to themselves and were able to plan a wedding that truly reflected who they are as people and a couple.



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