Vintage Traveller


“As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination”

– Gossip Girl

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Rustic Allure


The Western style has influenced the weddings of many couples from around the world for many years. The royal or classical wedding themes used to be a favorite as they exude a feeling of grandeur. Continue reading


Butterfly Event Styling at Jakarta Wedding Festival 2015


Butterfly Event Styling participated in the Jakarta Wedding Festival which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center from 14-16 August 2015. There were more than 500 bridal vendors from all over Indonesia that took part in this event, which made it, without question, the biggest wedding and honeymoon festival in Asia.  Continue reading


Sweet & Chic


Bali – also known as The Island of The Gods – have made quite a reputation for itself as the ultimate destination for getaways. It has recently become the popular choice for destination weddings as well. Continue reading


Red is the color of love


When it comes to choosing a color for weddings, any color palette can look great, it’s just a matter of deciding on what feeling you’re going for. After that, we can reveal the meaning of the colors and the energy that they give off. It is also important to consider what themes does the color works best with and under what season. Continue reading