Happy Sweet Seventeen!

Turning seventeen is such a big deal for teenagers here in Indonesia (and everywhere else in the world too, actually.) It’s the age they are finally legally recognized. At seventeen, they are no longer considered a minor and are eligible to vote (and do other ‘cool’ things teenagers think adults can do!) At seventeen, they can basically do anything they want because they would already be deemed responsible for their lives. At seventeen, they are ready to leave the nest and fly away.

Turning seventeen is a reason to celebrate, for both the girl that’s turning into a woman, and her parents alike. For her, it’s all the reasons we said above and more. She’ll fly away from her parent’s nest to answer the big questions in her life and chase after her dreams. She’ll start to weave dreams of her own, of where she wants to be later in life, as her own person and no longer as an attribute to her parents. And for her parents, it’s celebrating seventeen years of life of their bundle of joy, and to release her into the big, big world to finally contribute to it. Sweet Seventeen is the perfect call to celebrate.

We loved how Jessica chose Wonderland as her sweet seventeen theme. It’s so appropriate, don’t you think? At seventeen, she’s entering her own wonderland and that’s kind of wonderful to us!



Congratulations again, Jessica. Spread your wings and fly away. Go after your dreams and discover your purpose. Let go of the things that are holding you back and hang on only to the things that matter – God and your family.





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