Grey elegance


Every couple we meet wants to have a wedding like no other. They want something unique, something that is personal, something memorable that tells their story. We love that about them, because it forces us to break down walls and release our creativity. At Butterfly, we truly believe in putting stories and personalities at the center of our work. Every decorations we make shouldn’t be our signature; it should be the couple’s signature. And we know that we have done a good job when guests come in and think of the couple when they say, “wow, this is so them!” That’s how we create unique weddings that is unlike any other, every time.



Eric and Michelle’s wedding was one of those wedding we couldn’t easily get over. It’s one of our projects that we take a great deal of pride in, not only because they pushed us to think outside the box and create something that is uniquely them, but because of how personal it feels.


We transformed the space at The Royal Santrian in Bali into an outdoor warm and cozy lounge, and we filled it with their colors of choice: grey and white, with a touch of blush for romance. We brightened up the place with lights and giant candles, exuding a warm glow.


The feeling found in Bali is always so warm and peaceful anyway, we just needed to ride on it a little. We love what a detailed oriented person Michelle is and the attention she put in her wedding stationary, as well as the idea she had to create a giant initials as a prominent decoration by the pool side. In the end, this collaboration made their wedding one of the most elegant we’ve ever done.


Eric and Michelle’s wedding is a mixture of their personalities. Their color choice. Their initials. Their attention to details. Their stories. We’re just glad that we got a chance to be a part of it.




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