Romantic Escape


Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I’ll be waiting; all that’s left to do is run.
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,
It’s a love story, baby, just say, “Yes”.

– Love Story, Taylor Swift

Evan and Olivia’s wedding is one that transports you to another realm even though it was held in Pullman Hotel in Jakarta. From the moment you step over the big white gate at the entrance of the ballroom, you enter a love story like no other. The gate does not only have the purpose to wow the guests, but as a symbol of the strength of the bride and groom’s love for each other and the protection which Evan has promised to give his wife in his wedding vow.


There is an arch made of peach coloured leaves at the front of the registration area. It evokes the feeling of a love story set in autumn. The registration area is set like a living room with sofas and cabinets filled with the couple’s photos and a photo booth with their pre-wedding photos, which make the guests feel like they are in the middle of Evan and Olivia’s fairy tale. The autumn love story sensation is maintained inside the ballroom with fall coloured trees, pink petals walkway, and lamp posts.



The overall theme of this wedding is lace, which can be seen in backdrops around the room, including the centre stage and the photo booth. Lace represents sexiness and sophistication, which is the kind of woman Olivia is. The colour schemes include soft pink, pastels, peach, and gold.



When we were decorating this wedding, we felt this warm and fuzzy feeling inside because every element connects to make a wonderland, a romantic escape, and a romance novel. We hope Evan and Olivia keep writing their story through the seasons.


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