Say it with Style!


Signs are important at the wedding to navigate your guests so they won’t end up wandering around the venue just to find the photo booth spot. Forget the boring signs and take a look at these unique, cute and quirky signboards. Words don’t only get a proper treatment, but more than that, they become admirable!

Chalkboard is a great way to give that DIY touch to your wedding. It’s a communication tool that is simply irresistible to pass up in a simple wedding. It is also one of our favorite kind of signboards.


If you’re looking to embrace the chic and elegant look, you can try using framed mirrors as signboards. Gold or silver are works great as base colors for the frames. You can glam it up with some pearls or crystals or other shiny elements. Make the words stand out with white font colors and you’ll get that classy signboard instantly!



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If you’re into the rustic feel for your wedding, try using wooden planks as signboards. You can decorate it with various decorative elements like flowers, or you can leave it as it is. Either way, it will be perfect!

Arrow signs are technically directional but more than that, they got some retro feelings to your wedding. They give a playful punch that will charm the whole party, too.

Make use of large photo frames to display the message, as you can just take a print out and replace the photo with this message. This creates a very beautiful and majestic look.


Other daily things you can also make use of are photo frames. Instead to display a photo, you can display the message.

The most important thing on creating and styling signboards, beside the medium and the message, is the font type. Find the right font type, type the messages, lay them out nicely and get them printed. A hand-written sign creates more personal touch. Make sure you get the best calligrapher to get the penmanship done.




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