Twinkle-twinkle Little Lights

Some people prefer to hold their party outdoors. The beautiful natural view and fresh air are additions to the ambiance of the party. When night comes, the beautiful night sky and stars can be the additional decoration to the party as well. Those and lighting arrangements can make your party even more special. Not only that, lighting can also be a decorative part of the event. Not only does it light up your event (aside of the main lighting arrangements, of course), it also adds beauty and sweetness, depends on your party theme. There are several popular decorative lights which will fancy your outdoor party. Choose one, two, or combine all of them and light up your special event!


Lampion or the paper lantern is one popular preference for outdoor party. It comes in many colors and shapes, make it suitable for many kinds of theme. Colorful sets of lampion can be a sweet addition to your outdoor dining party, a fun detail to your standing party, or an additional decoration to your tent despite, of course its use to help lighting the venue.

Fairy Lights

People also know it as Christmas lights. This tiny little sets of decorative light is so popular because it is flexible. It can be twisted and tacked on the tree, on the wall, on the ceiling, or even under the fabric. One idea! Use fairy lights under a black fabric for your dining table, giving a look of starry night sky to your dining table. There, you’ll have the starry night sky above and around you!

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Floating candle

Your outdoor venue has a pool or a pond? Make it also part of your decoration. Just add some floating candles. Romantic ambiance added! No pool or pond? You can still use floating candles as part of the decoration. Put it on the water in a tall glass, fish bowl, or mason jar and add some details such as flower petals and fancy stones. Lovely!

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