Indecisive Bride

Photo source : Mango Studios

“My wedding is in 6 months but I haven’t made up my mind yet about the decoration, what should I do?”

Dear Butterfly,

My wedding is in 6 months but I haven’t made up my mind yet about the decoration. I keep searching for inspirations and have become a Pinterest devotee. I spend almost half of my time pinning and re-pinning images after images. I also checked out bridal magazines, searched the internet, and talked to my married friends. Whenever I had that perfect image of my dream wedding, I saw something else and it seems like an endless search. Is t because I have no idea what I want on my wedding day? What should I do?


Indecisive Bride


Dear Indecisive Bride

We know that in the era of free-flowing information and inspiration, anyone could feel overwhelmed, not to mention aspiring brides and we understand that creating a perfect wedding isn’t easy. Gathering some ideas is a good step but when it’s too much, it’s too much. You need to give yourself a break from all the inspirational sources and ask yourself (and your fiancé) to determine what you really want.

Start with simple questions like what color you like, what’s your character, are you into classic, in vogue or modern, and many more questions to reveal your style. After that, you can start looking to logistics to decide how many guests you will have, how much is your budget, how’s the season on the wedding date, how far will everyone need to travel, etc. When you’re done creating a list of all the things you want and need, and make a mental image of what your wedding will look like, or if you can create a mood board – that would be better, you can start execute your plan.

The thing is, your wedding should be meaningful, not because you’re on point on every decision – from the types of flowers, the colors of your palette, to the fabric of your napkins – but it’s should be meaningful because of the marriage itself. In the meantime, let all the worries and confusion on our plate. Our team will help you figure out the wedding style that suits you best and we will help you decorating your dream wedding.