Stunning, Romantic, Whimsical.


The great thing about having an outdoor wedding is we can let nature do all the work when it comes to making the wedding beautiful; whether it is in a garden or at the beach. Each place has its own characteristics, so the décor shouldn’t over power the natural beauty. Besides, the reason why we have an outdoor wedding in the first place is because of the loveliness of the landscape.

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Handika and Davina celebrated their marriage at Royal Santrian in Bali. Their reception is located right at the beach! A clear blue sky above the waters of the Pacific Ocean as your wedding backdrop; what more could you ask for? We took that as an opportunity to make a photo booth on the beach so guests can capture the moment in that stunning place.


                                   IMG_0142           IMG_0148IMG_0136IMG_0085-HDR-2-Edit

The couple liked rustic style, but with an elegant touch. The color schemes – blush pink and pink – accentuate the overall look. The rustic elements can be seen at the photo booth where we hang wooden picture frames and place crates as tables for the flower vases and candles. There are also mason jars on the tables, light bulbs, and candles to emphasize the rustic feel. The elegance is in the form of the flower arrangements on the bridal table, napkins and dinner menu wrapped in ribbons, as well as crystals and chandeliers.

IMG_0070                                   IMG_0080           IMG_0071IMG_0113-HDRIMG_0082IMG_0164

Handika and Davina’s wedding looks magical as the sun goes down when the candles are lit, and the light bulbs and the fairy lights are turned on. The lights bounce off the crystals and the chandeliers and twinkle in the night; the wedding becomes romantic and intimate.

                                   IMG_0257           IMG_0290 IMG_0274

Stunning, romantic, and whimsical are three words which describe Handika and Davina’s wedding. We hope that they will keep the romance and the magic in their marriage alive forever.


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