Indoor Garden


“Life is a song. Love is the music.”

When we are in love, life seems so beautiful. We tend to smile, sing songs or hum more. Love can also turn your insides out. Because of this, in Seno and Pramesti’s wedding, we decided to bring the outside inside and the inside outside. How? By putting a piano outdoors and bringing the garden indoors. Why? Because following the mainstream is so overrated.



Thankfully, Santika Hotel in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah allowed us to, with a garden in front and an open reception area. In the garden we placed some outdoor furniture like a metal table, chairs, and a bench which are found in a Parisian garden. There is also a bicycle which functions as a flower holder as well. The major attraction is of course the grand piano that is used to serenade the party. Its position outdoors near the entryway emphasizes to the coming guests that love is like music.


The décor in Seno and Pramesti’s wedding is pretty simple, but looks grand and elegant. They wanted a vintage white theme, with a small touch of pink and brown in the table setting. We used lots of white furniture in European style as well as vintage knick knacks – a merry-go-round music box, an old white table clock, mini bird cages, etc.


And how do we bring the outside in? We marked the reception area with a flower archway. The whole space is also surrounded by green plants, and the backdrop for the bride and groom stage is a huge wall of flowers. The bride is a fan of calla lily, so we put those on the VIP tables. When guests sit down on the dining table and as they look out onto the garden, they feel like they are outside even if there is a ceiling above their heads.

We hope Seno and Pramesti will keep the music in their marriage alive and keep loving each other inside and out


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