A Sweet Soiree


Have you ever been in the presence of someone who radiates so much sweetness, kindness and beauty that being around them somehow brings you joy and peace? Well, we were lucky enough to meet two people who exuded just that, Alan and Lydia.

There is something about them that just expresses elegance, grace and charm that inspired us to create a dreamy, serene and ethereal look to their wedding.




They could not have picked a more perfect venue to celebrate their special day! Upon hearing that Alan and Lydia’s wedding was to be held at Alila Uluwatu, Bali,  we immediately knew that we had to do the venue justice. It was the perfect affair – the couples’ personalities very much reflected on the location.


To simply be there by the water and to catch the breathtaking view, we felt like we were in a dream, feeling incredibly peaceful. It felt sweet. And it was the perfect place for their afternoon soiree. All we had to do was to enhance the beauty that was already there.



Silver and white was the perfect color palette for the shabby chic theme we were going for. Although they complemented the dream like feel to the wedding, we knew we had to add a little touch of pink to bring out the décor. Little dashes of pink were on the lanterns, on the flowers, on the snacks, and on the table setting. As the day turned into night and with the lights trickling around the trees, the wedding could not look more beautiful.




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