Dancing With The Stars

There are ways to celebrate a special day. Having a party with the closest ones is one of them. This time, it was even more special because it was a surprised birthday party! For Sheena’s parents and sisters prepared everything without letting the birthday girl know that  they would throw a party for her. From finding a great venue which was the Morrissey’s rooftop with city view, deciding a unique yet fun theme which was Dancing With Sheena inspired by the TV show “Dancing With The Stars”, until inviting family and friends to the celebration. Being part of something special is always a pleasure for us, thus we tried our best to help Sheena’s family prepare everything. The result? The most unforgettable moment for the birthday girl!

Fuchsia, silver, purple, with the touch of electric blue showered the venue. From the stage to the lounge area, the lighting arrangement took a big part for the party’s ambiance, especially on the stage, the center of the whole party. To capture the moment, there was also a photobooth with Sheena’s picture on the background. The guests can also take pictures with two standing figures of Sheena that were placed in some spots. The beautiful view of city light also decorated the night. Now everything’s perfect; let’s get the party started!


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