How to Agree on Wedding Decoration

When planning a wedding, many couples are getting caught up in trivial details, not to mention the wedding style. All you want is a good looking wedding but you and your partner are struggling to agree on wedding décor and design and that makes you so pissed off. Here’s how you can handle the situation.

You may have a fiancé that doesn’t have strong feelings about the décor, or have mild interest in details – like most men do, or he just has a different taste to what you have. When this happens, first you need to know that your fiancé wants the wedding to look good just as much as you do. Men also are not mind readers. Because of that, if you want to know what color palette he wants, which flower he likes, what centerpieces he prefers, you need to ask him the specific questions to get his direct responses.

If the problem is that you can’t reach for agreement on decoration due to differences you come across, it’s best to find the common ground. Both of you need to work the right ‘concoction’ of your style in decoration so you get the perfect look without sacrificing too much on either side. For example, when both of you have finally agreed on the color scheme, let him choose the favors and the stationery design and you can pick your flowers and linens.

The key is to be able to compromise some things. Take it as an exercise for your marriage life. There will be so many things to compromise with your spouse, so the wedding decoration things are only decisions for a wedding. The type of centerpieces will not going to affect your whole marriage, right?


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