VIP Tables, Anyone?

Listing down your wedding day’s guest list could be very challenging, and when you’ve done it, you would already know who’s close enough or important enough to be seated at VIP tables. But some of you probably might still wonder, ‘do we really need to reserve some VIP tables?’

VIP tables are not only used to accommodate those very important guests you invited, but it is also a nice gesture to show how much you appreciate and respect them. Those special tables will be the first impression your special guests make of your reception, too. So, sure, you will want those tables to be beautiful!



So how should we treat the VIP tables? Round tables are most common choice but you could also bring the long communal table to make it more intimate. Dress the table right so to give the wedding a total cohesive look. Use tablecloth, skirt and/or runner that will match with your décor, color schemes, personality and style. Get your linens to fit your table to the floor, it looks so much better especially when they have ugly table legs that desperately need to covered. Some chairs need to be covered too, and if they do, ask for sash tie and see if bow work on the back of the chair. You can always try other variations to make it prettier.




Last but not least, the final touch. Put only small centerpieces in the middle of each table and should not obstruct the view of the guests to the wedding.  Don’t forget the proper placement of tableware and cutlery. You can always add personal touches to the table like personalized card holders, drawing kits to entertain your VIP guests’ little plus one, personalized favors, and many more to make your wedding VIP tables a unique expression for your special guests.




Most of all, have fun giving your VIPS the special treatments they deserve!




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