Rustic and Romantic


Rustic theme is still here to stay. Many couples are still in love with the natural feel of the rustic theme, as well as our lovely couple.

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Thomas and Atalya opted for a romantic rustic garden-inspired wedding using a color palette of white, soft pink, and purple. Held in the Upper Room Jakarta, the rustic decoration succeeded in creating a tranquil space.


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To present the whole decoration concept and display the centerpieces, we placed a lot of rustic and vintage ornament such as wooden barrels, French-style white park bench, Baroque-style consoles and vanities. We used tree stumps to hold candles and flower vases. Wooden crates were used as tables and shelves to display the couples beautiful pictures.

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The romantic garden can be felt the moment people walk through the entrance. We placed arches made from branches and flowers. The purple-ish lighting made it even more enchanting. Talking about lightings, we placed marquee lights of the couple’s initials displayed right in the front of the entrance. These 3D lights made out of something that looks like rough woods and decorated with greeneries.

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Even with the most popular wedding theme, we could still pull it off with style and personality. The combination of garden and rustic elements and romanticize them into one concept is something interesting. With the right colors and the right accessories, you can have a rustic wedding any kind you want!


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