Wedding Dance Floor Décor

If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain your guests at your wedding reception, then dance party will do the trick. Before creating the playlist, you need to decide on the dance floor that is not only safe but also has the wow factor so everyone has fun.

A lot of things can happen on a wedding dance floor. It will be the place for you to take your first dance as husband and wife, the place for father-daughter and mother-son dance, and the place for your quirky uncle to bust a move. That’s why it is the perfect spot to give your wedding that personal touch.

To decorate the dance floor, you can go all out or you can keep it simple. Custom decal dance floor is quite common. Use some details like the monogram, or some patterns. You could also have something projected over the dance floor. Projection lighting can create fun details like monogram, flower pattern, or even constellation.

The dance floor sure is the focal point, but you can create more dramatic feel with decorative ceiling. The decorative ceiling isn’t only going to give the canopy effect, but also enhance the beauty of the venue. Try ceiling draping with fabric such as tulle, chiffon, or organza for the simple ceiling décor. Add greeneries and flowers, or even LED lights over a dance floor. For more unique and fun, release balloons over a dance floor and they will reflect the lighting which will give a festive effect.

Now you know that the dance floor can speak to a couple’s personality and a wedding style. With some effort and a little bit of creativity, you can transform any space into a dance party. Have fun!