Unique Ways to Decorate with Flowers

We’re all agree that wedding and flowers are meant to be together. Flowers add colors and transform the venue into an incredibly beautiful space. Flowers also symbolize romance as the pretty blooms swoon everyone. It’s no wonder why flowers mostly considered as the main decorative element to style a wedding. But, aren’t we getting bored of the same old arrangements? With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you could make a unique decoration with flowers. Here’s some ideas.

Flower Backdrop

Flowers sure are the perfect element to make a pretty backdrop and they will turn the backdrop into an outstanding floor-to-ceiling focal point and a gorgeous photo spot. You can have them arranged as neat as possible, or you can go rustic by scatter them around.

Flower Chandelier

Flower chandelier is an alternative to the traditional centerpiece and it gives the whimsical effect to the room.

Flower Garlands

Arrange your blooms and strung across the ceiling, your venue instantly transformed into a festive area.

Hanging Pomanders

Pomanders are cute and pretty at the same time. Try arranging them in varies of level and size to create more dramatic feeling to the space.

Fun and Unique Containers

Forget about vase and jars, you could use almost anything to place your flower arrangement. From tea cup, to tin can, to watering can. Boring centerpieces are not on your table.

Mix and Match

Flowers get along with many things. Arrange red roses with white hydrangea, hypericum berries, pine branches and various colors of moss for a wintry woodland wedding theme. Or for a tropical wedding, try hibiscus, orchid, gloriosa, calla lilies, and strelitzia. Mix them with tropical foliage like monstera and palm to add the wow factor to your arrangement.

Add “WOW” Factor

You could give your flower arrangement a fun addition. Take the advantage of your wedding theme and pick fun and crazy props. From pompoms, crystal balls, shimmering pebbles, to fresh fruits, and Lego bricks. The sky’s the limit!