The Art of Typography

We’ve heard, read and talked about color palettes, themes, and flowers for so many times. But not many of us (brides and grooms, or future brides and grooms) have concern about typography for their wedding. As part of the wedding planning and decoration, typography is something worth considering for a gorgeous and cohesive wedding look.

The choice of typography should portray your wedding concept. Typography speaks more than just font styles. Typography speaks the couple’s personalities and characters, and it could be the most personal and heartfelt part of the wedding. That’s why it’s important to choose the right typography to be used on your wedding stationery.

How do you start? As soon as you decided on your theme, you can start finding the perfect typography. Your theme will help you set the tone. Since typography is used in invitations, there’s a level of appropriateness that you would want to achieve. For wedding invitations, it’s okay to make the typography highly decorated, but if you want to make a subtler statement, that would be nice too.

Understand the many types of fonts such as serif, sans serif, script, handwriting, retro and more decorative ones. Beside appropriateness, you need to make sure that the fonts you’re using are good match with your theme and style. Let the fonts be the guide for your guests to what kind of wedding they’ll be attending to. Make sure you’re giving the right message.

Another things to consider are the amount of words, the size of the fonts, and the medium to write them on to. Typography should be inviting yet easy to read. If you want a truly unique font that no one else is using, why not making your own font with your own handwriting. What’s more unique than that?

Now, let the type and font capture the attention with typography!