Tips for Creating a Wedding Photo Booth

In this age of selfies, wefies, Instagram and Snapchat, everyone loves taking photos anywhere and anytime. Wedding is a terrific spot for taking photos.

As a place where love is celebrated not just between the bride and groom, but also family and friends, wedding is the time to reminisce and catch up as friends and family are reunited after a long time not meeting each other. Besides, wedding is also the time when everyone is dressed to the nines, and perhaps for some of them, it is not often they do so. Therefore, having a photo booth in your wedding is always a good idea as it will remind your guests of the good times they had on your special day.

Having a photo booth shouldn’t be as simple as having a box, but having something that goes with your wedding theme. Here are some ideas from the ones we have made.

  1. If you want something simple but classy and fun, have a white backdrop with photo props such as fancy hats or crowns and ask for black and white printouts only of the photos. Otherwise have a black backdrop with a royal coat of arms of the bride and groom’s initials.

  2. If your wedding is outdoors, in a garden or at the beach, let nature be the background and set up an arch or poles decorated with ribbons or fabric as the frame and place chairs and hang empty photo frames with string.

  3. If you want the bride and groom to be the center of attention, place a big pre-wedding photo on the backdrop in the middle. Put some chairs below the photo, so your guests can sit instead of standing up.

  4. Have a mock up setting for your guests to play around and be creative in. For example, a fake bakery, a Parisian restaurant, an enchanted forest with fake trees and animals, or a castle.

Basically, you can make the photo booths however you like. Just add some knickknacks and props that go with the overall theme or be as unique as you wish. It is your wedding after all.