Personal Touches at Wedding

You want to give personal touches but want more than monograms, hashtags, and childhood montage video. We’ve got more ideas.Personal touches in a wedding really can make the guests feel that they’re loved and wanted. So instead of thinking outside the box, why don’t you start from yourself. Think about things you like, places you’ve been to, stories that inspired you, or things that you and your groom have in common. You can handwrite your vows and make them part of the decorations, or include heirlooms from someone so special that has passed away and couldn’t be at your wedding.

If your love story is so interesting and unique, why not sharing it to the guests. Let them know how you first met your groom, how’s the relationship, and how he finally popped the question. This would be a great idea especially if you plan to have a sit-down dinner party. Write your story, make copies, and let the guests read your love story while they’re waiting for their meal to be served.

The way you create and decorate your wedding venue is also a kind of personal touch. It shows nice gesture and also offers good solution for your guests at your wedding. For example, by creating a wedding lounge you accommodate the need for your guests to quietly socialize and chill out without leaving the venue. Cozy sofas are so inviting since guests may get tired standing up the whole party.

Another personal touch that shows nice gesture is providing kids corner at your wedding. To have a space for them armed with books, coloring supplies, and toys to keep your youngest guests occupied would very much appreciated by their parents.

Wedding is a great chance to show everyone how grateful you are by incorporating personal touches into your big day. They can be the simplest things, yet they’ll create an exciting, meaningful and memorable wedding everyone will remember.