The Wedding Trends to Keep and Ditch


Brides of 2017, come gather up! We’re about to reveal wedding trends to keep and to ditch in 2017. You might not want to miss this.  


First thing first, we need to get rid of the old stuff, you know, those overused items in the past years. One of them is the versatile Mason jar. In its heyday, Mason jar was often paired with burlap, but it’s time to left them both in your pantry, don’t bring them to your wedding. The other thing that was cool but not anymore is cutesy sign, especially the ones that use chalkboard, with cheesy message written on it. Let’s get over it, shall we?


So, what are the wedding trends that will shape this year to be something? 2017 is shining a light on things au naturel. Wedding themes like woodland, bohemian and even rustic are more likely to stay, so you would want to display more greeneries but less flowery. To have the natural touches, choose for arrangements of leaves, branches or palms and display them as simple yet sophisticated centerpieces.


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The modern side of this year’s trend is actually pretty bold. Themes like industrial, contemporary city and minimalist are quickly growing in popularity. To adorn your total look, you can use the decor pieces that are on the wedding trends like gemstones. Forget about fancy Swarovski and focus your eyes on crystalised rocks like agates and geodes that will create a mystical atmosphere to the wedding.




Paper elements are hot stuff too. Using paper is a crafty way to beautify the decoration since it can turn anything into adorable thing. This year you will also notice the use of family heirloom in many weddings and it can be anything from jewelry, old furniture, to grandma’s quilt. Anything to bring a meaningful, authentic, family touch to your big day.

That’s all to look ahead to what’s in the trend zone for 2017. We hope these trends give you inspiration for your wedding. Have fun preparing your wedding!