A Modern Twist on Vintage Wedding

Albert and Natassha dreamed of a vintage wedding but with a modern twist. Drawing inspiration from the venue, the sweet couple focused on a vintage style with modern aesthetic to fit their chic old venue of Museum Bank Indonesia.

A unique venue in the city for a wedding such as a museum is a very cool thing. We knew it from the beginning that the modern vintage theme and the venue were a perfect blend of style and elegance. Since vintage theme is very related to antique and feminine styling, we created a modern vintage look with lots of flowers, pearls, laces, and antique elements.

It also featured muted color palettes and delicate flowers. Just like what the couple wanted to keep the color scheme very natural so we decided on nude, peach and ivory. These romantic hues set the mood and took the center stage in the form of gorgeous lush florals and greeneries.

On the wedding stage there were stunning white tree decorations with fairy lights and white butterflies. A crystal chandelier was hung to bring a warm glow to the stage. It’s the place where the bride and the groom can have their spotlight, so we created the perfect romantic atmosphere.

How much more awe-inspiring can a wedding get with this overall look? We were all blown away by the whole thing and we are very happy for Albert and Natassha, and sincerely wish them to continue their journey in love.