10 Wedding Ceremony Details That are Easily Overlooked

These items probably are not major items for wedding like your dress or your venue. But when you’re thinking of a memorable wedding ceremony, especially with a “wedding brain” (when a bride/groom becomes very forgetful), don’t forget to think about these essentials.

1. Extra seating

Providing extra seating on your big day is essential, especially if you’ve invited a large crowd and they actually don’t sit next to each other.

2. Direction and signage

Signage can be very functional since you can put down informative details, e.g. to give direction to the food/bar area, restroom, etc. Signage can be used to welcome your guests the best way possible by putting it up at the very front of the venue. You can also use signage to inform the guests to use a certain hashtag on Instagram when they take pictures during your big day.

3. The entrance

Create the first impression on your guests by defining the entrance of your wedding venue with a proper décor to exude a warm welcome.

4. The lighting

Lighting arrangements can make your party even more special. Not only does it light up your event, it also adds beauty and sweetness.

5. The audio

Make sure everyone at your wedding can actually hear a word you’re saying. Having a sound system is important but almost easily overlooked, so be sure you have a professional to running sound for your wedding.

6. Decorating other areas

Sometimes we put so much effort to decorate the ceremony area but forget to pay attention to other areas such as restrooms and bar. It’s always a nice gesture to put extra effort to decorate these areas with some flower arrangements and candles.

7. Guestbook

You don’t want to forget providing a guestbook at your wedding where they sign and leave their wishes for you. The fun thing is guestbook doesn’t have to be a book. You can get really creative by let your guests sign on a unique alternative such as pieces of puzzles, postcards, coasters, Polaroid pictures, or Mad Libs-style questionnaire.

8. Aisle runner

Aisle runner is your own red carpet, so you need to pay attention to create something unique for you to walk on.

9. Bouquet and Boutonniere

Make sure your florist don’t skip on your bouquet and boutonniere. You could also ask the florist to add ribbons or lockets, or other sentimental trinkets to your bouquet.

10. Ring box/cushion

It seems almost too simple to forget. Make sure you bring the ring box or a pillow to keep your rings safe until they’re set on your finger.


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