Artistic Acrylic

  1. Invitations – Ditch the boring and ordinary paper invitation that everyone sends out and have a piece of acrylic glass engraved with pretty details and your wedding information. It doesn’t have to be thick, but it surely gives that “wow” effect when your guests receive it.

  2. Seating arrangement – Prop an acrylic glass like a painting near the dining area at the reception with a list of your guests’ names engraved so they know where to sit. It will make your wedding classier and your guests easier to find their place.

  3. Menu – Engrave the dinner courses on a piece of acrylic glass. Your guests will have something interesting to look at and be more exciting about the delicious food. They don’t have to worry about getting the menu wet or dirty because it is easy to wipe. Also, it is something the guests can take home as a keepsake.

  4. Acrylic vases – These unbreakable vases can be used to place some tea candles. How about putting some pebbles inside and some leaves? Basically, they are lighter, but do the job just like glass vases.

  5. Pedestal – Acrylic boxes can be made in many different sizes and height. They can function as a flower pot pedestal or a table for the gifts or even the wedding cake.

  6. Gifts – Engrave some pretty borders on a square acrylic piece with the couple’s initials and you have drink coasters for the guests to take home. Pretty easy peasy.

  7. Signs on tables – Decorate reception tables or gift tables with acrylic signs. Engrave decorative fonts with instructions like “Please sign the guest book” or “Please take one”, etc. depending on what you want.

Incorporating these translucent details is a great way to focus more attention on your flowers, tablespaces, or the beauty of your venue. You don’t have to use all of the above, just one or two to enhance your wedding.