Company Function with Pacific World


We’ve done many wedding decorations throughout the years and each one was a special one to our heart. But when the opportunity to create a non-wedding decoration like this came into our table, we also want it to be treated as special as wedding décor. Continue reading


Feeling jittery about your wedding?


Are you experiencing emotional breakdowns and finding yourself picking fights with your fiancé? Do you feel a sickening feeling in your stomach whenever you think of your wedding day, getting married or even looking at your dress? Do you have sleepless nights where you contemplate whether or not you’ve made the right decision in saying ‘yes’? Continue reading


Stunning, Romantic, Whimsical.


The great thing about having an outdoor wedding is we can let nature do all the work when it comes to making the wedding beautiful; whether it is in a garden or at the beach. Each place has its own characteristics, so the décor shouldn’t over power the natural beauty. Besides, the reason why we have an outdoor wedding in the first place is because of the loveliness of the landscape. Continue reading


Butterfly Event Styling at Jakarta Wedding Festival 2015


Butterfly Event Styling participated in the Jakarta Wedding Festival which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center from 14-16 August 2015. There were more than 500 bridal vendors from all over Indonesia that took part in this event, which made it, without question, the biggest wedding and honeymoon festival in Asia.  Continue reading


The Exquisite Cherry Blossom


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The cherry blossom tree is truly a sight to behold, especially when it is in full riotous bloom. The flowering branches full of small pinkish-hued flowers represent the fragility and the beauty of life. The intense and vibrant blossoming of cherry blossoms bestows us with the license to hope and dream of greater things. Renowned for its vibrant yet ephemeral beauty, cherry blossoms are considered to be a popular wedding motif.  Continue reading