The Exquisite Cherry Blossom


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The cherry blossom tree is truly a sight to behold, especially when it is in full riotous bloom. The flowering branches full of small pinkish-hued flowers represent the fragility and the beauty of life. The intense and vibrant blossoming of cherry blossoms bestows us with the license to hope and dream of greater things. Renowned for its vibrant yet ephemeral beauty, cherry blossoms are considered to be a popular wedding motif. 

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If you want a cherry blossoms inspired wedding theme, you can start by assembling hues for your palette. Try classic hues of brown, pink and white which resemble the colors of the blossoms. The combination of pink, white and grey works pretty well too. If you dare to add a pop color, add turquoise to bring out the modern feels or a hint of yellow to freshen up the whole decoration.


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Cherry blossoms are very versatile to be put in so many décor elements. Of course, as table centerpieces, these flowers are stunning as they are. Put them in a vase that has a right height so branches could be featured beautifully. If you want something more sophisticated, make use of the branches to hang some addition decoration such as tea light candles or crystal water droplets.

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Create an enchanting atmosphere on your wedding day by using hanging the cherry blossoms. Trim the branches, put them in a clear small vase, and hang them in various level of height.  To add a more dramatic scene, a real-size cherry blossoms tree could be used as a majestic centerpiece. If it seems impossible to have the real one, the faux cherry blossom tree is always in season.


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You can also put the cherry blossoms in many wedding items, such as the wedding cake, wedding stationery, bride and bridesmaids hairpieces, jewelries, even in bride’s gown. Just remember, the cherry blossoms are pretty because their simplicity, so make sure you keep everything simple yet still elegant.


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