6 Steps to Magic!

Have you ever wondered how magic happens at Butterfly? Well, we thought it would be fun to share with you today the creative process we use to create magic at your wedding.

The first glance.

The magic begins the moment our eyes meet. Well, not physical eyes. With the internet, you can see us anywhere – our blog, our social media channels, our exhibitions, friendly referrals – anywhere. After that, you can drop us a note to ask us about our services or our special packages.


The first meeting.

You’ve seen our work, you know what we do. We meet and you’d tell us about your dream wedding. We’d fall in love with you and at that moment, ideas would have started exploding in our minds with all the things we want to do for you.


The big brainstorming moment.

Our team would gather to create a board and put your dream on paper. We’d think outside the box and we’d get inspired and we’d come up with original ideas that is uniquely you.


The moment of truth.

We’ll present to you our ideas, while keeping our fingers crossed, hoping you’ll fall in love with that idea too.


Tying the knot.

When you love us just as much as we love you, and when all things have been said and done, that’s when we’ll tie the knot. Well, of course, not at the marriage registry. But when we both put our names on that contract, that’s when we get to work and the real magic begins!


The Big Day!

The magical day for both for you and for us. We go through meetings after meetings, revisions after revisions, but to see the happy look on your faces, it reminds us how magical it feels to do what we do. Everything becomes worth it the moment we see the happy smiles on your faces.

The magic for us lies in this process. This is the magic. And we’d like to invite you to be a part of it! Start the magic, and let us fall in love with you.




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