A Foyer to Impress


When you decide to plan a wedding reception, all you really want is to entertain your guests, hoping that they will not only come to celebrate your love, but also hoping that they will enjoy every minute of the party. Create the first impression on your guests by defining the entrance of your wedding venue with a proper décor to exude a warm welcome.



You might need to cover the existing wall with linens that match the color palette of your wedding theme. Wall cover can be very useful to cover that not-so-nice existing wall of your venue that might have some flaws or a bit of discoloration here and there. You also need to engage guests immediately by creating eye-catching displays like your pre-wedding photography, some accent pieces, or flowers.




There are also other pieces to add such as tunnel, ambiance lighting and flower arch as grand entrance. If you use one of those, or all of those, please keep in mind that you don’t overdo it. You just want to set the scene for what is to follow, in style. Foyer and grand entrance are meant to create an ambiance that raises curiosity. So when your guests walk in to the main hall, they get the ‘wow’ factor.





Have fun creating your foyer – the sneak peak of what’s to come in the main hall.





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