Are you ready for marriage?

Thank you for visiting Butterfly Events Styling. If you’re here, chances are, you’ve embarked on the exciting journey that is wedding planning. First of all, congratulations on the decision for getting married. The agreement to spend the rest of your life with someone is a big deal and it should be celebrated. 

We’d also like to give you a warm welcome, because this will be the first of many exciting journeys you will have as a couple.


But before you’re booking venues and booking decorators, please allow us to briefly share with you our thoughts on the five signs you’re ready to get married:

1. You can see life with him. You simply cannot think about being with anyone else but him. And you can see yourself being old and grey and still holding his hand.

2. You’re committed to him. Commitment is the most important foundation for a lifelong marriage. To be committed means putting his needs above your own. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up your freedoms and choices, but it does mean that the moment you are no longer two but one, you are giving up your individual rights. And you’re okay with that.

3. You know how to talk to him. A marriage needs communication to stay alive. It’s more than simply exchanging information, but a relationship is made in the conversations. If you can see yourself talking to him endlessly about anything and everything in between for the rest of your lives, you’re on the right track.

4. You resolve conflicts together. A life together is never without tribulation. One day, a storm will come. Your best insurance lies in knowing that there would be nothing ever big enough you tear you both apart.

5. You share the same goals. You know where each other is headed for in life, what dreams to make come true, which star to reach for, which world to conquer. And you’ll walk towards it boldly, hand in hand, together.

We always believe that your marriage should be more beautiful than your wedding. So, instead of just preparing for your wedding, you should prepare yourself more for marriage.


We wish you the best of luck!




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