Bright, yellow and happy


Have you ever wondered why a party that is held after a marriage ceremony is called a reception? According to traditions, it is a form of hospitality where the couple receives society, in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a married couple, hence the name, reception.

It’s where the couple hosts their family and friends, by providing food, drinks, entertainment and party favors. It’s where they present themselves to society in their newly-acquired roles as husband or wife. Guest who come to attend the reception brings their blessings for the happy couple and to take part in the celebrations or to enjoy some time in their presence.

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If you think about the definition, the best fit would be an intimate party, with several of the couple’s closest friends and family, at a cozy venue. Well, in that case, Pudji and Renny sure knows how to throw a dinner reception, when they celebrated their marriage in a garden party at Mercure Hotel in Ancol.

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Imagine this… a cool weather, the subtle, salty breeze blowing in your hair, romantic music playing in the background, glasses clinking, happy conversations and laughter in the air… Isn’t that a dream reception? That is exactly what Pudji and Renny’s wedding reception was about.

We adorned the outdoor garden of the Mercure Hotel with bright colors of yellow and white, keeping the decorations to a minimum so to accentuate the shabby chic and rustic feel of the venue. We placed English style dressers as furniture to showcase the couple’s love stories through pictures and put up a fairy lights to enhance the cozy ambiance when the sun went down. We loved how the simple things can actually become the big beautiful part of the whole look. But what we absolutely loved was the center stage.

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1a_991a_1071a_86All modesty aside, but we loved how it turned out. It’s bright and warm and it’s the main reason we just wanted to dance because it made us so happy. However, nothing we could ever do can outshine the glowing look on Pudji and Renny’s faces that day. They were what we loved above everything at their wedding reception. Thank you, Pudji and Renny, for letting us be a part of it.

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