Showering Joy and Love

From years to years, baby shower is a special moment for mum-and-dad-to-be. It is when they are showered with gifts and wishes from their beloved ones. Acknowledging how special it is, we gave our best for our friends, Charles and Allia, when they were throwing a baby shower.

No need to try too hard to shower a celebration with sweetness and cuteness. The colour baby pink instantly brought loveliness and spread it all over the room. From beautiful roses to charming tulips, from cotton candy to wishing notes, from a single baby pink to the blended pink and other soft baby colours, the room became playful yet lovely.

Flower bouquets in soft baby pastels were placed on the center table, becoming the center of the room, placed around lovely Teddy Bears. How lovely Charles and Allia’s baby shower was, especially with family and friends who came and gathered around showering joy and love to the happy parents-to-be.


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